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The A. J. Fisher Ship Model Kit Company was founded in 1925 by Archibald J. Fisher. Archibald was a seaman who plied the oceans and Great Lakes as a chief engineer. Mr. Fisher ran the business until he passed away in 1957. Robert Irwin bought the business at that time and in 1960 Robert Irwin, his son, joined him when he left the service. Robert took over A. J. Fisher when his father retired in 1974. Robert continued A. J. Fisher until 2001 when he retired.


In 2003 William Partridge purchased A. J. Fisher from Robert Irwin. The goal is to update and re-issue over 20 A. J. Fisher classic solid hull ship model kits.


Whether you are about to begin our first model or if you have been building models for years we hope there is something in the A. J. Fisher ship model line of kits that will help you in creating your models.


Our commitment is to help you reach your modeling goals! 

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