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In keeping with our effort to provide the highest standard, we furnish the machine carved hulls of select basswood. The hulls are fully carved with bulwarks from detailed master hulls. The modeler will find that with a little sanding and smoothing, the hull will be ready to apply the hull structures.

Dancing Feather Hull 

Boston Pilot Schooner of 1853

Hull Length 12 3/4"
Price $65.00




John McKeon Hull

New York Pilot Schooner 1838

Hull Length 9 1/4"
Price $58.00



Miss Lou Hull

Biloxi Schooner 1919

Hull Length 16"
Price $75.00



Baltimore Clipper/Privateer of 1812

Hull Length 12 1/2"
Price $60.00




Great Lakes Schooner of 1852

Hull Length 11 1/2"
Price $55.00




 Lucia A. Simpson

Great Lakes 3 Mast Schooner

Hull Length 25 "
Price $155.00

 Brig Niagara

Perry's Flagship 1812

Hull Length 14 1/4"
Price $80.00


Great Lakes Tug 1868

Hull Length 18"
Price $75.00

 Sovereign of the Seas

Clipper Ship of 1852

Hull Length 31"
Price $155.00


 Edna G

Tug boat

Hull Length 13"
Price $75.00

 Steam Trawler


Hull Length 13"
Price $80.00

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