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HISTORY: The Edna G was built in 1896 by the Cleveland Ohio Ship Building Company. She was one of the most powerful tugs of the time. The tug is 110 feet long, 23 feet across the beam and draws 15.5 feet of water. She was named after the daughter of then president of the railroad Jacob Greasinger. She operated out of Two Harbors all her life, except for two years, 1917-1919, during WWI when the government requisitioned her to move barges and troop ships out on the east coast.

In 1974 the Edna G was placed on the National Historic Register. The re-fitting of the great lakes freighters with bow thrusters and variable pitch propellers eliminated the need for tugboats in the harbors.



• precarved basswood hull

• plan set

• instruction guide

• woodset, fittings, rigging line

• display base and lifts


• Scale: 1/8" = 1'

• Overall Length: 13"

• Height: 13"


SKILL LEVEL : Advanced Beginner

Kit Price . . . . . . . . . . . . $240.00

Available separately:

Instruction Book
Carved Hull



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